Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shameless advertisements

So, I'm an amateur rapper. This is basically a shameless self advertisement! What now fools.

That's one of the tracks from my first mixtape. I'm proud of it. Working on my second mixtape at the moment. Just been writing some stuff and hope to get recording eventually.

Tell me what you think.

Mixtape available for free from:


  1. Well, the samples are wicked.
    Following and supporting!

  2. I've heard some of these samples somewhere else. Where does the "The name of the game is ..." come from?

  3. That song's Lightworks by J-Dilla.

  4. Nice, you have good flow, in my opinion, maybe clean up your lyrics tone-wise that is.

    Way to go, I'll be sure to bootleg your stuff when you hit it big :D

  5. Shameless advertisement? What shame is there in this? I for one applaud you.

  6. Trippy stereo sometimes! <3
    But sounds pretty darn good for an "amateur" rapper. Keep up the great work!