Friday, January 14, 2011


Not sure what to post. I was thinking about posting an album I'm trying to get into, but I decided against it. I think I'll post about an album I love.

Donuts - J Dilla.

This album is legendary. That's all I've got to say. Well, I do have more, but I think that I could suffice with just that. Seriously, this album is one of the biggest instrumental hip-hop albums this decade. It's scope is so fantastic and every single beat is impeccable. Modern day rappers still to this day cite Dilla as one of their favorite producers. As a matter of fact, lots of mixtapes that hip-hop artists have been putting out have used his beats (Mf Doom - Sniper Elite, Mf Doom - Lightworks, Kid Cudi -Cudi Get). J Dilla is just that good. Unfortunately, Dilla passed away a few years ago, and this was his final and penultimate album. As a matter of fact, the release of this album was 3 days before his demise.

You like hip-hop? Get this fucking album and experience one of the most influental producers in the game at his peak.

If you love this album already, listen through it. The lyrics speak for themselves. Was Dilla trying to say something before he left? Did he know that this was the end? Some of the snippets he uses are kind of haunting. "Bye..." "Mmmmm, you're gonna want me back in your arms. You're gonna need me one day."


  1. never herd of him or the CD b4 will definatly give it a listen.

  2. hes new to me, gonna try him out

  3. I heard of him a lot, I just didn't look into his work much. I'm going to check that album out, thanks!

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  5. good song ill have to check out the album here soon