Monday, January 17, 2011


So, I think I'll post a classic (in my mind).

F#A#∞ is an album by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. These guys have a very, very unique style. I know of only a handful of artists that have the same style. It's very long, drawn out and beautiful. Most of their stuff is violin, cello, drums and piano. The style on most of their stuff is very dreary. This album has 3 songs and they're all around 15 minutes each. Each of them starts with a cool sound byte that's pretty thought provoking. Each song is orchestrated with crescendos and parts that are very ambient. It's a very VERY epic album.


  1. Interesting music, the video sounds were soothing.

  2. yeaaa good album for atmospheric music. ive had this one for a while now.